Supports Your Wheels For A Quick & Easy Installation

Install your wheels quickly & easily

The wheel pin makes the wheel installation easy & simple by holding the rim centered on the hub while you screwing in the lug nuts. Just screw the wheel pin into the top bolt hole and slide your rim over the pin on to the hub. A perfect rim to hub alignment will be finished.  A Faster, Easier & Safer Job!

Size: Length 125 ~ 152mm,   Material: Aero Aluminum ,  Polish & Anodized Finish

Custom Screw Acceptable

A Good Assistant for Wheel Installation

So Easy !!!

Laser Engraved Logo Thread: M12x1.5, M12x1.25, M14x1.5, M14x1.25


Example of Wheel Installation


Note: Unloading wheel is the reverse operation of wheel installation.

1,  Screw the tool into the top hole on vehicle hub;

2,  Slide the wheel along the tool to the correct position and align the wheel holes and vehicle hub hole, then screw all bolts; 3,  Tighten each bolt with the tool on, when the bolts are tightened, but not finally tightened, remove the tool and screw the last bolt and tighten it, and finally tighten all bolts.

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